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The US Supreme Court ruled on March 29 in a tie of 4-4 on Friedrichs v CTA, the corporate-backed case that had threatened to make the entire public sector right to work and weaken worker power. This is a huge win for the labor movement and every AFSCME member. However, the corporate special interests will keep coming after us – so it’s critical we keep organizing to beat back additional attacks already making their way through the courts and in state legislatures across the nation. (published March 31, 2016) Read more >>>

In just a few weeks, Californians will be voting in the state’s June 7 presidential and regular statewide primaries. Following is some basic information, including who can vote in which primary; a description of the sole statewide ballot measure (Prop 50); offices on the ballot; and important dates leading to the general election. (Courtesy of Jeff Book, Treasurer of AFSCME Local 3339/West Hollywood) Read more >>>

Why Everyone Should Pay Their “Fair Share” Fees

The collection of fair share fees by public sector unions was unanimously allowed in the 1977 ruling of Abood v. Detroit Board of Education.  Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association et al., which was the latest assault on the middle class perpetrated by corporate interests, revisited the Abood ruling. Ultimately, the goal of this case was to silence the voices of workers seeking fairness on the job. The US Supreme Court on March 29, 2016 ruled in a tie vote to let Abood stand. But threats to this landmark workers' right continue to make their way through the courts.

Confused? No problem. AFSCME has released this video that simply explains what fair share fees really mean.

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