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States and local governments have been cutting vital public services for years because of shrinking revenue and bad policy decisions. The report, Tax Fairness: An Answer to State Budget Problems, describes a financial crisis that could have been avoided – and can be fixed – by making our tax codes fair.

The Primary Elections on March 3, 2015 yielded victory after victory for AFSCME members and the communities we serve across the Southland. Here is a brief recap:

We helped get out the vote in a number of LA City Council races and two critical LA City ballot measures, and in all cases, are sailing to victory according to early results!

Sisters and Brothers,

Ever heard of fast track? Don't feel bad if you haven't; big companies are counting on you not knowing about it, and keeping it that way.

Local 800 members working at Jewish Vocational Service (JVS-GAIN) have overwhelmingly ratified a milestone new contract. The contract included first-ever attendance and longevity bonuses, increases to flex-time, improvements in training of new hires, and fully employer-paid individual health insurance premiums, in addition to a 1.5% across-the-board raise.

If you haven’t yet heard of “Abood,” it’s time to start paying attention. This 40-year-old landmark Supreme Court decision (Abood v. Detroit), sanctioned the right of unions in 1977 to collect “Agency Shop” fees from non-members whom they were legally required to represent – so that everyone, in effect, was forced to pay his/her fair share

The 2015 AFSCME Women’s Leadership Academy will be held from June to December of this year.


AFSCME honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy each and every day in advocating for the rights and dignity of working men and women. Read more >>>

AFSCME member and former California state Sen. Norma Torres is a new member of the U.S. House of Representatives after being sworn in Jan. 6. She handily won election in November, gaining more than 63 percent of the vote.

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