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Thousands of Los Angeles City employees, AFSCME members, and labor and community partners in the “Fix LA” coalition took to the streets on October 28 for the second time since the Coalition of LA City Unions launched its contract bargaining campaign in July.

In far too many parts of the country, right-wing extremists are succeeding in their attempts to keep Americans away from the polls.

That’s why the members and retirees of AFSCME plan to knock on more doors, make more phone calls and turn out more votes than ever before in a mid-term election.


Prop. 45 to make insurers justify their premium increases is on your November 4th ballot. As of this writing the battles rages on. Health insurance industry giants Kaiser, Blue Shield, WellPoint, Anthem Blue Cross, among others have kicked in over $ 40 million of policyholders’ premium dollars to kill the measure. The No on 45 campaign has been so dirty, confusing and full of lies that on Oct. 14th, advocates and nurses delivered a truckload of manure to Blue Shield headquarters in El Segundo announcing to the press that they were only returning some of the B S the insurer was spreading in TV ads against Prop 45.  Read more >>>

Local 830, the Agricultural Weights & Measures Inspectors Employee Representation Unit, has passed an important new state law with the strong backing of Council 36 and AFSCME’s Sacramento office. AB 1175, which was signed by the Governor on September 26, prohibits the state Secretary of Agriculture from entering into contracts with L.A. County for agricultural inspector services unless 75 percent of associate inspectors are permanent employees. Read more >>>

Every vote helps us gain huge wins for all of us. Here is District Council 36's state and local endorsed candidates and measures for November 2014!

Get out the vote for PEOPLE-Public Employees Organized to Promote Legislave Equality-on November 4th! Here's a complete list of AFSCME statewide positions. 

Council 36 and Countless Labor Allies Endorse Sheila Kuehl for Board of Supervisors.

We've recently launched the #TurnOutForWhat campaign on Twitter and Tumblr. People across the country are sharing why they're turning out to the polls on Nov. 4.


Governor Brown has signed into law AB 634, a bill sponsored by AFSCME and lobbied heavily by the ADDA. Assembly Majority Whip Jimmy Gomez (D – Echo Park) authored the bill, which makes it easier for public safety professionals (such as DDAs) to protect the confidentiality of their home address and telephone number.

This new video features Local 127 President Frank Pitarro (City of San Diego employees) announcing an innovative joint labor-management program in the City of San Diego that gives workers the opportunity to create new budget savings and to win cash prizes for successful initiatives.

In a major victory for tens of thousands of workers employed by the City of Los Angeles, the Employee Relations Board (ERB) on July 28 effectively nullified an unlawful “two tier” pension policy that the City adopted in 2012 and unilaterally implemented.

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