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Council 36 kicks off campaign to beat “Corporate Deception!”

Council 36 launched a major member-to-member organizing campaign to fight back against the Nov. 2012 “Corporate Deception” ballot measure. For all of our Local leaders and rank-and-file activists who showed up on Feb. 25 – thank you! The room was packed!

Over the coming months, our members will be out at worksites across Southern California to educate colleagues about this very serious political threat, which shamelessly targets public employees, unions, and middle class working families. This “wolf in sheep’s clothing” has nothing to do with cleaning up the political system or ending special interest influence, as the measure’s anti-union, pro-corporate backers are trying to claim. It is a corporate power grab, pure and simple – and it’s designed to silence the voices of workers across California. For more information on how you can fight “Corporate Deception,” email Check out more photos from our campaign launch on our Facebook page.

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