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AFSCME Members Help Put a Halt to Boondoggle Court Computer Project

Leaders from AFSCME’s four courts Locals have been meeting for months with legislators about the boondoggle Court computer system, known as CCMS, saying that the funding for that project should instead be used to keep trial courts open. In these austere budgetary times, a mismanaged project that had ballooned from a $250-million to $1.9 BILLION could no longer be justified. This week, the CCMS project was on the hot seat in Sacramento once again, and our members were there to testify. With more than 50 courtrooms slated for closure this year, and 300 layoffs pending, CCMS funding must come to a halt, our members told their electeds.

And the legislators heard us! CCMS is on hold. On Wednesday, Mar. 14, an assembly budget panel voted 4-0 to recommend that California’s courts suspend the project, and instead redirect funds to keep the trial courts open! Great job to AFSCME Local 575 President Gwendolyn Jones, Local 3302 President Karen Norwood, 575 VP Mark Natoli and 3302 member Richard Adams. Here they are pictured with Christina Lokke (Legislative Aid for Courts Budget Chair Rep. Joan Buchanan).

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