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Prosecutors' Union seeks to "clean house," endorses Danette Meyers for DA

Calling for a sea-change in the management culture of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, the Association of Deputy District Attorneys (AFSCME Local 2682), voted this week to endorse the candidacy of Danette Meyers for District Attorney in the upcoming June election.

Meyers, a 26-year veteran of the LA County District Attorney’s office, is a well-respected trial attorney known for her integrity and fairness, said Hyatt Seligman, President of the ADDA. She has also demonstrated a clear respect for her rank-and-file colleagues in the DA’s office and would restore “a vision of good faith relations” between the prosecutors union and County management.

That vision offers a welcome contrast to the anti-union animus that has characterized the administration of District Attorney Steve Cooley. Last year, the Los Angeles County Employee Relations Commission (ERCOM) agreed that Cooley had waged an illegal anti-union campaign in which he and his staff harassed and unfairly disciplined ADDA members. In some cases, veteran DDAs were punitively transferred to inferior assignments in retaliation for their union involvement.

If elected, Meyers would be the first woman and the first African American to serve as Los Angeles County District Attorney. She is also a former President of the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the largest voluntary bar association in the nation.

“After 12 years of the Cooley administration, we need a housecleaning,” Seligman said. “Danette Meyers is clearly the best candidate all around.”

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