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Members Honored in Midway City for Heroic Deed

The Board of Directors of Midway City’s Sanitary District has recognized Council 36 members from Local 1734 (city sanitation workers) for their quick thinking and heroic deeds – well beyond the call of duty -- when they came to the aid of a local senior citizen in distress and prevented a traffic snarl. Sewer crew employees Alejandro Gonzalez, Randy Griffith, Darrell Grimes, Miguel Jimenez and Cody Ranslem all jumped into action during a traffic jam, after they noticed an elderly man who had become unconscious behind the wheel of his van. According to one local report, “Because the van was still running and in drive, the sewer crew, without delay, shut off the motor, removed the keys, and checked to see if the gentleman was breathing.”

The employees then called emergency operators and directed traffic around the van.

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