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Lynwood Affiliates with AFSCME Council 36 Let’s Welcome Our New Brothers and Sisters!

In an exciting new milestone for Council 36, the City of Lynwood Employees Association has just signed an AFSCME affiliation agreement. The affiliation agreement was signed in early August, following intensive Council 36 organizing and strategic planning to ensure that AFSCME serves as a strong – and immediate – new force of protection for the Lynwood employees, who have already begun contract negotiations.

“There has been little time to celebrate our newest family members,” said Leslie Simon, Organizing Director for Council 36. “We had to hit the ground running, as bargaining began with Lynwood management literally right after the Employees Association voted to affiliate.”

The Lynwood bargaining unit represents about 230 members, 160 of which are full timers, in an array of blue and white collar job classifications.

Kudos to our Council – and a warm, enthusiastic welcome to our new Lynwood brothers and sisters!

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