Council 36 Elects June 7 Primary Winners

Compton Mayor Aja Brown Wins Second Term; City Council Member Tana McCoy Wins Seat

Council 36’s two Compton Locals won an important political victory with the reelection of AFSCME-endorsed Mayoral incumbent, Aja Brown, who beat her opponent, former Mayor Omar Bradley. In addition, Tana McCoy, a candidate for City Council, was elected with AFSCME’s support. A third AFSCME–endorsed candidate, Douglas Sanders for City Treasurer, also appears victorious with final votes still being counted at press time. AFSCME Locals 2325 (Compton Management Employees) and 3947 (Compton Employees) phone banked and walked precincts for the candidates. Local 2325 additionally funded a political mail campaign.

Commerce: Labor-Backed Incumbents Win City Election

Organized labor including Commerce Employees’ AFSCME Local 773 supported the reelection of two City Council incumbents, John Soria and Ivan Altamirano. The incumbents have pledged to fight for stronger and safer neighborhoods in their continued commitment to funding public services.